We're agile and fast, just like a Cheetah

Miscellaneous and Interesting Facts

  • The cheetah is the fastest animail on land and can do zero to 60 MPG in 3 seconds (faster than a Bugati Veyron).  But the cheetah can only run 400 to  600 yards before it is exhausted (advantage Veyron).  So you know how far and how fast you have to move to outrun a cheetah!
  • Cheetah are the only big cat that purrsand do not roar !
  • Cheetah don’t have high success rate athunting – it is less than 50 % !! Just don’t run into a cheetah whenit is thirsty, since they quench their thirst from the bodies of theirprey !
  • Female Cheetah raise the cubs alone !!!